Heidi Kosanke, DNP, MSN/Ed, RN

Heidi has taught in the accelerated Master’s entry nursing program at the University of Arizona College of Nursing for the past eight years. She is passionate about teaching nurses to remain resilient in the face of challenges and think outside the box.

Heidi encourages her students to practice resilience, and reflect on the best ways to work within a team of multigenerational colleagues in both classroom and clinical settings. Her clinical background is primarily intensive care and post-anesthesia care. Heidi uses her training in integrative care to emphasize self-care and compassionate patient care after completing the University of Arizona Integrative Nursing Fellowship in 2019.

Heidi has been teaching resilience skills to nursing students since 2016. She is a co-author of “Building Social Resilience in Nursing”, a workbook for nursing students that fosters resilience by applying positive-coping skills to personal challenges and by developing and sustaining a social support system in the context of integrative nursing. Heidi was on the leadership team for RNconnect 2 Wellbeing, the text messaging platform created during the COVID-19 pandemic to deliver supportive, positive and uplifting messages linked to tools and resources to Arizona nurses.  

Heidi Kosanke